Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kongu land to Tiger land

Great news for people of Western Tamil Nadu!!! The place known for its Elephant habitat is in a new era . Recently published reports suggest that there is a sharp increase in tiger sightings from Sathyamangalam range. Kovai jungles are no exception. The big cat on prowl was captured on a camera in the Sirumugai range last week. This comes as the first visual evidence of the presence of Tiger in this range.

The place once called “Land of Veerapan” has turned into tiger’s paradise now. The camera traps placed at 30 different places at Moyar valley in Sathyamangalam forest have captured 19 different tigers and DNA analysis of scats have also confirmed the presence of at least 13 big cats. During a census (for 6 days) last year, 5 tigers were sighted directly by the officials at Hasanur and Bhavanisagar which falls under Sathyamangalam range.

The tiger population in Tamilnadu has shown some healthy improvement. There are 3 tiger reserves in TamilNadu Mudumalai, Kalkad Mundathurai and Annamali these alone account for more than 100 tigers. It was reported that 46 tigers have been sighted at Sathyamangalam and at certain areas the villagers claims to sight tigers at least once a week. Without much doubt Sathyamangalam will be announced as another tiger reserve soon. Impressive news on direct sighting of a tigress with cubs from the forest of Kodikanal has also been reported

Sathyamangalam is spread across 524 sq km has got a strong prey base which accounts for the increase of tigers in this area. The forests around Coimbatore are also no mark with prey population. Spreading across 69,000 hectares the Coimbatore forests have started attracting the tigers from adjoining forests like Sathyamangalam and Mudumalai. This shows tiger’s future is secure in the jungles of TamilNadu. This is a great news to the tiger community and to the audience around India. Hope we get to see an increase in the tiger population this year too!!

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